Linearizer Communications Group is a market leader in the development of linearization solutions for microwave components and systems for terrestrial and space qualified applications. It also leads in the development of analog photonic systems for commercial and defense applications. The company has experience in the entire product lifecycle from research and development through volume manufacturing. Our solutions greatly increase system performance and provide unique capabilities to meet our customer’s needs.

World-Class Engineering

Linearizer Communications Group engineers have extensive experience in the design of linearizers and analog photonic systems. We have practical knowledge to implement ruggedized high reliability space and military packaging. Our solutions include both analog and digital linearization as well as hybrid electro-optic subsystems. We are on the cutting edge of advanced communication architectures for commercial and government applications. LCG engineers leverage the latest computer aided design tools and testing equipment for analysis and design.

Team Oriented Problem Solving

Striving to meet the performance challenges of today’s communications systems Linearizer Communications Group has the engineering talent, testing and manufacturing facilities to address customer needs. Our engineering teams work closely with customers to develop the required solutions. This includes everything from commercial off the shelf (COTS) standard products through modified versions as well as full custom high reliability designs. Our state-of-the-art, in-house facilities accommodate work from DC through millimeter-wave frequencies and photonic applications.




Providing Nonlinear Microwave Predistortion Solutions

Linearizer Technology, Inc. specializes in the solution of problems involving the non-linearity of RF/microwave components and systems. LTI’s principal business is the production of linearizers for high-power microwave amplifiers and to meet the ever-increasing need to reduce power consumption and increase the operating bandwidth. LTI provides both manufacturing and consulting services, offering both off-the-shelf and customizable solutions.


Optimizing RF-Over-Fiber

Linear Photonics designs and manufactures state-of-the-art RF over fiber components, modules and systems. LP has the capability to design component, modular, and system-level products to meet the needs of your specific applications. We support the entire development and manufacturing process from conception, through design and into volume production.


Solutions for Space-based Amplifiers, Linearizers & Photonics

Linear Space Technology produces communication solutions for the space segment. We are the premier supplier of high-reliability linearization technology and space-qualified hardware, with three decades of pioneering linearization technology for space applications. Our expertise includes both digital and analog linearization. LST has 100 linearizers and SSPAs in orbit with over 8 million hours of anomaly-free on-orbit flight time.

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