Quality control inspectors check the quality of incoming and outgoing materials or products for a company, as well as the production procedures. This job involves tasks such as running tests, keeping a record of defects, analyzing products, and overseeing procedures. Quality control inspectors may work from a variety of locations, from assembly lines to laboratories or a quality control department. This may involve long hours of standing at a time, depending on the location. This job is well suited to people with an eye for Quality control inspectors inspect, test, or measure materials using gauges, calipers, microscopes, and micrometers, as well as operating electronic inspection equipment to ensure that all necessary procedures and products are inspected to a high standard.

Skills Required

The In-Process Inspector must possess the ability to inspect parts, understand all assembly aspects of electronic components and sub-assemblies (such as PCBs) by following specification on drawings, bills of material, wiring diagrams, process sheet drawings and/or verbal instructions.  Must also possess the ability to use small hand tools with some knowledge of wire bonding, and conductive epoxy mounting processes.

The In-Process Inspector must be able to perform tasks under tight deadlines, demonstrating the ability to multi-task with minimal supervision without compromising the quality of the product.  The In-Process Inspector must have working knowledge of Hybrid Micro-Electronics inspections to MIL-STD883. and QMS standards. Inspection under a microscope will be required.  Must also comply with all Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Precautions and company policies.

The position functions in a manufacturing environment and other tasks may be requested as required.

Minimum 5 years of experience in the Micro Electronics area


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