Job Description

Linear Photonics designs and manufacturers RF on fiber transmission equipment for a variety of applications. Products include directly modulated systems with bandwidths to 20 GHz and externally modulated systems to 50 GHz. Applications include antennae remoting and signal processing. The company also manufactures component products including amplified receivers and lasers. To support current programs and new product development Linear Photonics is seeking a senior electrical engineer with experience in analog transmission. The ideal candidate will have experience in the design of fiber-based transmission equipment.

Job Requirements

  • More than 10 years developing hardware for analog transmission systems.
  • Experience with optical components including lasers, detectors and modulators.
  • Ability to perform overall system designs including optimization of noise figure, gain, IP2, IP3 and SFDR.
  • Experience with the design of power supplies and control circuits.
  • Experience with hybrid component design is desirable.
  • Experience with RF simulation tools such as Microwave Office
  • Experience with the design of high bandwidth PCBs.
  • Understanding of microprocessor controlled systems including the use of SOCs.
  • Ability to tune and trouble shoot production units.
  • Ability to work with other areas including mechanical engineering and production on overall product design
  • Ability to work with product line management, sales and customers to develop new products and develop product specifications.
  • US citizenship required.

Linear Photonics is a privately held company located in Hamilton, New Jersey. The company has been in business since 2004 and is continuing to grow.


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