Linear Photonics manufactures a wide range of component photoreceivers with wide bandwidths up to 30 GHz.  Standard products are shown below.  Using our hybrid manufacturing process, we can customize bandwidth and pigtail requirements.  Please contact us for more information.


Modules – TimeLink, Q-Mod, XiMod, EDFA, DiLink

PLEASE NOTE: All modules can be customized for specific wavelength operation, frequency ranges, and connector types.  

Standard transmitter and receiver modules are available for operation up to 50 GHz. Customized solutions are available for higher frequencies. Options are available for extended temperature use, RF amplification, and optical amplification. 

The DiLink family of transmitters and receivers has multiple options for specific frequency ranges, Gain, NF, and compression points, allowing RF designers to easily determine the optimum DiLink configuration for their specific application.  These directly modulated, temperature compensated links are available up to 20 GHz.

The XiMod family of transmitters and receivers uses externally modulated transmitters, which allow the transmission of much higher frequencies than directly modulated links. Our standard XiMod links operate up to 26 GHz. The QMod links go beyond 50 GHz. As with our DiLink family, the XiMod and QLink families offer multiple options for Gain, NF, and compression points, allowing RF designers to easily determine the optimum configuration for their specific application.  Transmitters and receivers with internal Optical Amplification are also available. 

For time and frequency distribution, Linear Photonics’ Time Link modules offer optimized performance for campus-wide point-to-point transfer of low Allan Variance atomic clock signals, point-to-multipoint distribution of ultra-low phase noise LO references, 1 PPS and IRIG timing signals, and GPS antenna remoting.


Rack Mount Units – On Time, IFL

Linear Photonics’ InterFacility Link (IFL) is a 1U rack mount modular chassis that can hold up to 6 single width units or 3 double width units.  Featuring hot-swap capability and redundant power supplies, one can mix and match multiple module types within a single enclosure.  An optional communications module provides alarm reporting capability and access to manual control of some modules.  All DiLink and TimeLink transmitter modules, and all receiver modules, fit into a single width unit.  The XiMod and Q-Mod modules are double width units.  An EDFA module with up to 8 outputs is available in a double wide unit.  A wide variety of electrical and optical functions including filters, WDMs, and other passive components are available.  Custom or semi-custom RF/Optical plug-in modules can be designed to meet specific application and performance requirements. 

The On-Time PPS system provides autonomously synchronized 1PPS distribution for distances up to 25 km.  At the transmit end a double wide unit provides a 1PPS signal that is transmitted to the receiver.  Using a signal transmitted by the receiver the system automatically corrects for any changes in the fiber length.  Each transmitter is calibrated to a specific receiver to obtain an accuracy of better than 0.5 ns.  

Linear Photonics’ High Density Platform is a 3RU rack mount enclosure with redundant power supplies, featuring High Density, hot-swappable front-access modules with Blind Mate optical and RF connections. All enclosure connections, including optical, RF, and power, are to the rear of the chassis, eliminating the risk of incorrect cable connections when swapping modules. An SNMP interface provides telemetry and control. High density Transmitter modules (2 transmitters per module) and Receiver modules (4 receivers per modules) are available. Custom and semi-custom modules can be designed to meet specific requirements.


Linear Photonics has extensive capabilities to develop custom and modified COTS products.  Examples include custom components, modules, and systems, customized functions, OEM products, and unique packaging for unusual footprint, small size, low power, outdoor environments, and harsh environments.

For example, the XMOM (XiMod Outdoor Module) is a modular, ruggedized outdoor transmission system. The system consists of a Core module, a power module, and an auxiliary module. The core module can be wall mounted, or pole mounted with an optional pole mounting kit. The power and auxiliary modules mount directly to the core module. 

AC and DC power options are available.  RF low-noise pre-amps or other components can be mounted in the Auxiliary module. The Core module may also be customized to include additional optical components. 

Linear Photonics offers standard, custom, and semi-custom solutions to fulfill all of you RF over Fiber needs. We provide COTS, MOTS, OEM, and unique RF over Fiber design solutions.

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