Linear Space Technology (LST) develops flight qualified hardware for linearizers and amplifiers.

Founded in 2006, Linear Space Technology focuses on the flight segment for linearizers, linearized amplifiers, and solid-state power amplifiers. All assembly personnel are trained and certified to the NASA solder standard. 



Linear Space Technology (LST) produces communication solutions for Space and SATCOM industries. We are the premier supplier of high-reliability linearization technology and space-qualified hardware, with over three decades of pioneering linearization technology for terrestrial and space applications. LST has 100 linearizers and SSPAs in orbit on 4 satellite platforms, with over 8 million hours of anomaly-free on-orbit flight time.

Research and Development

Linear Space Technology is presently developing highly efficient linearized GaN PAs for space applications. LST has produced linearized GaAs UHF PAs for the TACSAT IV satellite. Linearizer Space Technologies has developed a highly efficient linearized L-band GaN HPA for use on future GPS satellites. LTI is tasked with leveraging this expertise to develop a line of highly efficient linearized GaN satellite power amplifiers. LST has developed a strategic alliance that has made available to us space-qualified GaN power devices.

Strategic Alliances

Linear Space Technology maintains a close relationship with subcontractors in printed circuit board design, prototype machining, and various electronic parts manufacturers. We are AS9100D certified and hold to MIL-STD-883 in a lean production environment.

Team Oriented Problem-Solving & Optimum Solutions

LST has the staff, test facilities and research background to provide solutions to needs for flight hardware, especially for linearizers, linearized amplifiers and distortion-related problems. Our state-of-the-art facilities accommodate work from RF up through millimeter-wave frequencies (>100 GHz) and photonic applications. Our expertise includes both digital and analog linearization. We understand all aspects of linearization including approaches using feedforward, feedback as well as predistortion. We have a highly experienced system analysis group that has developed proprietary software to assist in the design and test of linearizers, and to evaluate the potential benefits of linearization.


LST successfully meets all rigid requirements and unique challenges demanded by operating in space. Our advanced processes and mission-proven heritage provide dependability, reliability and success.

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